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Looking for accessories that perfectly complement your Paithani saree or any traditional outfit? Look no further than Shankari Paithani's collection of handcrafted paithani accessories.

Our collection includes a variety of paithani accessories such as purses, clutches, dupattas, borders, blouse piece fabrics, and even masks. All of our products are made from high-quality paithani fabrics, ensuring durability and longevity.

Paithani purses and clutches:

Our range of paithani purses and clutches are adored by our customers for their quality and style. They come in various sizes, colors, and designs, making it effortless to find the ideal match for any attire. The classic peacock, nath, Rajhans, and maina motifs featured on our accessories are guaranteed to enhance the sophistication of any ensemble.

Paithani purse

Paithani Dupattas: The Perfect Addition to Your Outfit

When it comes to traditional Indian attire, there's nothing quite like a beautiful Paithani dupatta. At Shankari Paithani, we offer a wide range of dupattas, including those made from pure silk and semi-Paithani made from art silk. Our Paithani dupattas are designed with traditional Paithani motifs, making them a stunning addition to any outfit.

One of the best things about our Paithani dupattas is their versatility. You can wear them with any type of Indian outfit, be it a salwar kameez, a saree, or a lehenga. Not only do they add a pop of color to your outfit, but they also increase the overall aesthetic appeal of your look.

Our pure silk Paithani dupattas are crafted from the finest quality silk, giving them a luxurious feel and making them ideal for special occasions. The intricate designs and patterns are woven by skilled artisans who have years of experience in the art of Paithani weaving.

pure paithani dupatta by shankari paithani

For those looking for a more affordable option, our semi-Paithani dupattas made from art silk are a great choice. These dupattas are made using a blend of art silk and cotton, which gives them a soft and comfortable feel. The intricate designs and patterns on these dupattas are machine-crafted, making them more affordable than pure silk Paithani dupattas.

paithani dupatta

At Shankari Paithani, we take great pride in the quality of our products. We believe that every customer deserves the best, which is why we ensure that each of our Paithani dupattas is of the highest quality.

So, whether you're attending a wedding, a festival, or a special occasion, a Paithani dupatta from Shankari Paithani is sure to elevate your outfit and make you stand out from the crowd. Visit our website, shankaripaithani.com, to explore our range of Paithani dupattas and place your order today!

Paihani jackets:

Shankari Paithani offers a stunning collection of Paithani jackets that are sure to make you stand out in a crowd. Made from high-quality art silk and available in a range of designs and sizes, our Paithani jackets are perfect for any occasion. From elegant floral patterns to traditional peacock motifs, our jackets are designed to complement any outfit. With their intricate detailing and vibrant colors, these jackets are a perfect way to add a touch of sophistication and glamour to your wardrobe. Whether you're looking for a jacket to wear to a wedding or a formal event, or simply want to add some style to your everyday outfits, our Paithani jackets are a must-have addition to your collection.


Paithani Blouse Piece:

Paithani Blouse Piece is an essential component of any Paithani saree ensemble. At Shankari Paithani, we offer both handloom pure silk Paithani blouse piece and machine-made semi Paithani blouse piece in a variety of colors and designs.

Pure Paithani Blouse piece

These blouse pieces are perfect for those who want to create a customized look that complements their Paithani saree. With intricate traditional Paithani designs woven onto high-quality silk, these blouse pieces are sure to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit. Whether you're attending a wedding, a formal event, or just looking to add some traditional flair to your wardrobe, our Paithani blouse pieces are the perfect accessory.

semi Paithani Blouse piece

 Other paithani accessories:

Paithani borders are an essential component of any Paithani saree. Shankari Paithani offers a wide range of Paithani borders, including single muniya, triple muniya, and mor popat border, both in handloom and machine-made qualities. The intricate designs and vibrant colors of our borders perfectly complement any Paithani saree or outfit. Our borders are created with great care and attention to detail, ensuring that they are of the highest quality. With our selection of Paithani borders, you can easily add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your wardrobe. Browse our collection today and find the perfect border to enhance your Paithani saree or dress.

And in the current pandemic situation, our paithani masks are a trendy and stylish way to stay safe while still showcasing your love for paithani.

paithani border

At Shankari Paithani, we take pride in offering high-quality, handmade products that celebrate the beauty and tradition of paithani. Shop our collection today and elevate your style with our beautiful paithani accessories.

Aside from our collection of Paithani purses and other accessories, Shankari Paithani, based in Yeola, Maharashtra, takes pride in offering a diverse selection of original hand-woven Paithani sarees. We cater to custom-made requests for Paithani sarees, in addition to offering machine-crafted Yeola Silk Sarees (Semi Paithani) and Cotton Paithani. Our priority is to provide exceptional quality and service to our customers. We take customer reviews seriously and strive to exceed their expectations. Our prices are competitive, making our products accessible to a wider audience without compromising quality.

shankari paithani

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