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Often called Khana in Karnataka and south India, Khan or Khun in Maharashtra; Khan is a fabric that has been in use as a blouse piece or choli piece for a very long time. Historically enriched, Khun fabric is also very popular in the modern age. Having brilliant shining and unique texture; Kahn fabric is now being used to make jewellery, kurtas, Dev vastra, decorative pieces etc. India is a place that is well known for its traditional weaves and Khun is among one of them. It is being said that Khun is a fabric that has a history of 4000 years and is designed in areas of Karnataka and Maharashtra. This beautiful and light weighted fabric is in huge demand today. And to give a boost to this traditional culture of our country, Shankari Paithani is here with its latest collection of high-quality mercerized cotton Khan sarees.

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It has been documented that since the time of the Chalukya dynasty, Khun has been produced in India. With the passing time, this weave lost its importance as weavers were not able to earn profits. But these days, its demand is increasing and weavers are all set to give the best quality of Khun in the market. The beauty and look of Khun fabric are eternal. Khun fabric has become so popular among ladies in Maharashtra and Karnataka that now after so many years weavers have again started weaving khan fabrics in form of khan saree. 

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The production of Khun is still happening on a very small scale as not many people are aware of it. But, many weavers are trying to spread the use of this fabric by multiplying their production and ensuring quality to customers. Shankari Paithani is one of those manufacturers who is looking to fulfil the demands of customers by making every latest and designer saree available in their wardrobe. If you also wish to add such historically valued Khan fabric to your wardrobe, then Visit and fulfil your desire to have a luxurious wardrobe. 

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About Khun fabric

What is Khan/Khun Saree?

Unlike ilkal and other sarees where tana and bana are the only yarns, Khan fabric has three yarns being used simultaneously giving an elegant and felting texture to the fabric. There was a time when Khun was only known to be an accompanying blouse piece to ilkal sarees. But in the modern age, it is being used to design several different attires and outfits. Khun is woven specifically on three kinds of looms. They are as follows:

● Pit looms

● Semi-automated loom

● Power loom

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Khan weaved on pit loom is 100% handloom, it takes several days to weave 6 meters of khan fabric on pit loom and therefore handloom khan fabric is very expensive. Weaver generally uses a combination of pure silk and mercerized cotton to weave khan on a pit loom. A khan saree or khan fabric which is woven on a pit loom with a combination of silk and cotton can be referred to as handloom pure Reshim khan.

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Shankar Paithani provides khan woven on semi-automated looms having a combination of mercerized cotton yarns. Cotton khan is very good in quality as compared to poly khan which is available in the market. Mercerized is a chemical process which gives brilliant shining, strength and silk like luster to the cotton yarnMercerized Cotton khan is much softer than poly khan, it is shiny, cool and smooth. Along with plain cotton khan we also have embroidery khan, which has beautiful embroidery on its border and pallu. These embroidery include nath pallu, Saraswati pallu, Warli desiges, etc. 

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Our cotton khan comes with beautiful Tope pallu and Patte pallu designs which is the traditional Pallu design of ilkal sarees. Khan having Tope pallu design is costly as compared to patte pallu; as tope pallu design requires more work and takes a time to get done. To design one patch of Khun fabric, around 4000 yarns are being complied to the loom accompanied by a long manufacturing process. Enriched with bright colours such as electric blue, emerald green, ruby red, golden yellow, etc., designer borders and royal pallu; mercerized Cotton Khan is easily available right at Feel the tradition of India and beautify your looks with its ethnicity. 

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Cotton Kahn and Poly Khan

As mentioned earlier, Khun fabric is being produced on a very small scale, it is not easily available in the market. Even though some people manage to buy poly Khun. In real terms, Poly Khun or polyester khan or Poly cotton is not the real khan fabric but a mixture of poly yarns and cotton. Because of increasing demand and limited supply, Nowadays many people are making copies of khan fabric which looks like khan however, it has no relation with the weaving process and quality of traditional khan fabric. A copy Kahn would not give you the look and comfort which is associated with cotton Khun or Reshim/Silk-cotton khan fabric. And that's why Shankar Paithani is overwhelmed to present the best authentic quality cotton Khun that is not easily available in the market.  Mercerized Cotton khan is much affordable as compared to handloom reshim/Silk khan and it not any less in quality and look.

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Where to buy a cotton khan saree?

Whether it is a traditional occasion or any function, Khun can give you a distinct look by enhancing your personality with enough style. 

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The best part of shopping with Shankar Paithani is you will get all types of khan, Pure paithani, Semi paithani and Sico sarees at a very reasonable price. Apart from this, we provide a COD facility, easy buy and return policies, convenient user interface etc. making your shopping experience as seamless as possible. So, grab highly rated Khun sarees right now and give yourself royal and glamorous attire on various occasions. Khun saree could be the best anniversary gift a man can offer to her wife. So do not delay while visiting Shankar Paithani store and get rich and trendy Khun sarees right now. 

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