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 Designer Paithani

Customized Sarees- Your design our craftsmanship

We have a team of a master craftsman who will design a perfect Paithani for you. We make the best Suitable Paithani according to a festival, your personality, skin tone and style which can match your fashion statement. 

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Please inquire only if you are 100% sure to place an order. Casual price inquires are not entertained, this is to give enough time to serious buyers, so kindly co-operate.

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  1. How long it will take for my designer paithani to be made and delivered to me?
  • Answer: A normal handwoven Paithani takes 15 days for weaving, however, we at Shankari Paithani. Com has a team of skilled craftsman who will make it within 7-10 days. It takes 3-7 days to deliver you Paithani at your doorstep depending upon your location.
  1. How much a Custom made / Designer paithani cost?
  • Answer: Cost of a Designer paithani depends on your design and colour selection. Our Designer Paithani range starts from 8000/- INR.
  • Paitani sarees are one of the most expensive saree in the market; It is a premium attire. Commonly, the starting price of Designer Paithani sarees could be an 8000/- rupees and one can even find it with a price of a couple of lakh rupees. However, we at Shankari assure you of the best prices and discounts.
  1. How do I place an order for designer Paithani?
  1. How do I Select a design for Custom made / Designer paithani?
  • Answer :
  1. First, you need to reach out to us on given E-mail or Contact Number
  2. We are here with you to walk you through the wonderful journey of designing your dream paithani.
  3. Discuss with us your ideas, designs concepts, favourite colours, your taste of design and the most important occasion on which you will be grooming in your dream Paithani and we will suggest just the right Paithani for you.
  4. We will also share a catalogue of most loved traditional designs and colours to choose from.

5. Do you ship out of India?

  • Answer: Yes

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  • Shankari paithani is a brand brought to you by Jagdish and Durgesh, our warehouse and & Store is situated at the “City of Paithanies - Yeola”. We offer you a wide range of Paithani Silk Sarees with decorative designs that are most popular for their traditional values which will offer you a lavishness and elegance of wearing an original Paithani that has been designed and woven precisely.
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