Sankranti Special "Chandrakala Shoot"

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A picture is worth a thousand words
shankari paithani november shoot

If we could say it in words there would be no reason to click! A picture is silent poetry, a painting that Speaks!!! Which is something created to communicate, so as our product; Sarees! Our product is not just something to wear but it's a language to communicate! Our culture, tradition, blissful beauty! Our extreme efforts are to provide you with the seamless experience of shopping more natural, more exciting bringing back the trend of the old gold; Paithani.

Shankari Paithani works towards providing you with a seamless shopping experience, We always come up with creative ways to make your shopping experience more exciting. Product Photograph is an important part of our website, Shankari Paithani ensures the display of 100% real and unedited pictures of saree and other products; providing you with true colour, look and right perspective, restricting the fake enhanced and artificial saree look ensuring utmost transparency. Our all customers know that we provide quality Paithani at the most reasonable rate in the market making us their first choice for Paithani and all type of silk sarees.

shankari paithani black saree

Picture credits: @avi_sanas_photography_

Whether it's unbiased free and fast delivery, selecting premium and luxurious quality, easy returns, free complimentary gifts and discounts, excellent customer support or easy payment options. We believe that 'A Satisfied Customer is the Best Business Strategy of All!' and so is our principal!

shankari paithani

Sometimes only product pictures are not enough to intrigue you! To give you the best shopping experience, a better look and perspective at the exclusive products we work with the artists and social media influencers to bring you the best pictures of our sarees.

Shankari Paithani presents you November Shoot- "Chandrakala"

In collaboration with Professional Make-up artist "Pooja Tikone", Marathi social media influencer "Akshada", Photographers Shubham and Avi Sanas.

shankari paithani black saree

Picture credits: @a_lasting_impression_studio

Our November shoot is all about black, The festival of Sankranti is close and black is the most trending saree during Sankranti!

In this photoshoot "Akshada is dressing" in one of the most loved and popular saree from Yeola: Sico Saree. “Sico sarees” have a traditional Paithani design on Kath (Border) and padar (Pallu), it is woven using both silk/artificial silk and cotton which makes it soft and light. Cotton keeps you cool and silk weaving at the border and pallu adds to the look & lustre of the saree. 

 shankari paithani

Picture credits: @a_lasting_impression_studio

''Featured Black Shankari Sico saree comes with the lustrous silver border having circle peacock motif and traditional Paithani Pallu "

In Sankranti, the newly wedded bride dresses in a black saree; it is considered sacred. Black absorbs all the impurities within you and shines bright clearing your Aura, suiting every soul without discrimination! Black teaches you how to Love purely; adding charm to every individual the same way!!! So as when we wear it! Thus It's sacred to wear Black in Sankranti!!!

Teamwork makes the dream work and so as we are working with our ultimate teammates to bring you November Shoot- "Chandrakala".

 shankari paithani pooja tikone in black saree

In Frame : Pooja Tikone - Instagram : @punemakeupartist_pooja.

Make-up is not to hide... But to enhance your beauty! And the one who does it right is the make-up artist! So as a professional Make-up artist Pooja Tikone; the artist adding glory to the Chandrakala shoot. She's a mesmerising artist super filled with talent and glorifies your beauty the best way possible. She's a learner, Dreamer and believer!!! Meant to win the World and your Heart in collaboration with Shankari Paithani. Not to hide the real but, to enhance the natural!!! 

Pooja is the rising star of Instagram. She is among one of the best makeup artists in Pune, have a glimpse of her @punemakeupartist_pooja. She's a multitasker loaded with the talent of modeling, hairdressing, makeup grooming, vlogging and what not! Her looks and style inspire thousands of hearts. Her latest photoshoot on Black Silver border Muniya saree went viral on Instagram chasing the new trend and popularity of silver border sarees in Maharashtra.

shankari paithani akshada in black shankari saree

In Frame : Akshada Walhekar - Instagram : @akshu3183.

Artists not just 'see' but makes others to 'see' as what to see from the 'sea'. And so does the work of featured Model Akshada Walhekar. A true artist with extreme Talent and creative soul. A very popular Instagram influencer @akshu3183, Akshada is perfectly moulded to be the part of our traditionally cultured Sarees adding charm to the beauty by her Maharashtrian face. She is true Marathi beauty! Indulges in all forms of work from A for appetite to Z for fashion with zeal! High in demand with a lovely personality, calm and compose. A perfect guide for make-up and the Queen of every Heart! We are happy to announce her as our Model in collaboration with Shankari Paithani for its huge success.

The single most important component of a camera is the 12 inches behind it.” - Ansel Adams

shankari paithani avi sanas photography

In Frame : Avi Sanas - Instagram : @avi_sanas_photography_

Photography is the only language that can be understood by anyone in the world... And to understand it the best way possible we have professional photographers Shubham Shitole and Avi Sans to connect you with the world of Truly Maharashtrian wear enhancing the beauty of our culture in all the possible angles!!! Their photographic skills will surely tempt you to grab your camera!!! You can catch Shubham at @a_lasting_impression_studio and Avi at @avi_sanas_photography_. And level up the charm of our site by viewing and ordering your favourite glimpse to make it yours forever.

So come and join us to be a part of this bliss and refresh your old memories with the revived trend of the Paithani, Have a look at our collection of Black sarees crafted especially for you by clicking here. Shankari Paithani hopes you have a good experience finding your favourite Saree!

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Aishwarya; Instagram : @missvanilla_19

Aishwarya Verma Missvenilla_19

(Aishwarya has contributed several articles to Youth Zone of The Hitavada,  and also shared her views in Times of India columns like in 'Professional Speaks' and 'Our Takes')


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