December Shoot- "Chandrakala and Green Banarasi"

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Simplicity outshines everything when it accompanies Ethnicity. There are always some fashion trends that never go out of style. So here we are facilitating you in choosing something full of pure elegance for your wardrobe Shankari Paithani. It's your paithani look awaiting to offer you such stunning glimpses of awe.

Almost everyone among us loves that little attention we get in our exclusive family gatherings. And we ladies believe more the merrier when it comes to compliments. It's worth spending every penny on our wardrobe. So why are you wasting your precious time deciding what you should wear for your special occasion when you have the most eye-catching choice to go for. Do not hesitate to choose your paithani saree from the most trustworthy brand you can find in this domain Paithani. No matter how fancier you become, refined elegance will always allow you to be the trendsetter.

At Shankari Paithani, we try to make your journey as seamless and exciting as possible. You can choose your Shankari paithani as per your budget, colour, and occasion from various choices. We understand your needs. That's why we have prepared plenty of good options like Yeola paithani, Semi Paithani, Banarasi Paithani, Siko Sarees, and many more. Be it any colour bold vibrant once, or pale simpler once. Our team doesn't leave any efforts in providing the best quality, pocket-friendly lucrative choices ahead of any other similar providers. We want to be known for our fastest delivery, easy returns/exchange policies, free complimentary gifts, discounts, consistent customer support, and easy payment/refund options.

One should not just think about aesthetics and compromise your comfort level. When human beings discovered how to dress up, their prime concern wasn't how they should look but how they should be protected and comfortable. Our products are designed in a manner to offer you maximum satisfaction. While working on changing fashion trends, we never forget about the basics. The fabric used for Paithani is soft to touch and gentle on the skin. So I can assure you that you don't have to worry about comfort at all from my own experience.

Sometimes only product pictures are not enough to feel intrigued! To present you with the best shopping experience ever, a better look and perspective of our brand, we work with the artists and social media influencers to let you visualize yourself in our exclusive Shankari Paithani. Get a better look at the products, we have designed, by connecting with us through the best pictures of our sarees.

Shankari Paithani presents you December Shoot- "Chandrakala and Green Banarasi"

in collaboration with Professional Make-up artist "Shweta Hipparkar", Marathi social media influencer "Surshti" & “Payal”, and Photographer Akshay Gaikwad.

 shankari paithani saree

Picture credits: @akshaygaikwad_photography_ In frame @srushti0407

shankari paithani saree

Picture credits: @akshaygaikwad_photography_ In frame @srushti0407

Speed up your shopping journey, and do not miss your chance to secure your favourite Paithani saree in your cart before it goes out of stock. Once you place your order, leave the rest of the things up to us. You will get the desired product at your doorstep. All you have to do is team up your Shankari Paithani with Maharashtrian Nath and a half-moon bindi on your forehead. That's all it takes to create the magic, just like our featured model and Instagram influencer Srushti has portrayed, that you can see for yourself. She is just like us, from the generation of modernized individuals, but who wants to recreate the cultural essence. By bridging the gap between tradition and fashion, Srushti has set an outstanding example. Followed by thousands of followers online, she is a social influencer who inspires many.

 shankari paithani saree

Picture credits: @akshaygaikwad_photography_ In frame @srushti0407

shankari paithani saree

Picture credits: @akshaygaikwad_photography_ In frame @srushti0407shankari paithani saree

Picture credits: @akshaygaikwad_photography_ In frame @srushti0407

The kind of Black Shankari Sico Saree we have showcased in our photoshoot is a marvellous piece of elegance. The broad golden border on the black saree gives it a unique look and all over butti with golden stripes on pallu enhances its beauty. It is certainly the most beautiful saree in our Sankranti black saree collection.

 shankari Paithani green Saree banarasi Paithani

shankari Paithani green Saree banarasi Paithani

 Picture credits: @akshaygaikwad_photography_ In frame : Payal

 The bottle green banarasi paithani saree is one of the most loved saree on our website. The Bold green colour inspired by nature, intricate borderline and rich pallu with the combination of traditional paithani and banarasi design makes it truly unique that it attracts anyone's attention.  

 It's not just the curves on your body that make you look so beautiful but your face which steals the glances. So the special credit goes to the make-up artist who hasn't left any flaws to outbid our expectations. If you need any tips, feel free to connect with Shweta Hipparkar through her Instagram handle @shwetahipparkar. She is worth calling a professional when you look at her work. A highly efficient, work-oriented, and easygoing personality makes her the most preferred choice.

For any occasion, the person who captures your memorable moments is the most crucial one. Akshay Gaikwad always makes it possible to capture real beauty. If not for Akshay, it would have been difficult to display such astonishing real-life images to be inspired with. 

So do not make yourself wait any longer and be a part of the cosmic community of Shankari Paithani and happily share your mesmerizing moments with us.


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